Tech and business news channels finally got confirmation today that Facebook is acquiring Gowalla (Austin, TX) for an undisclosed sum. Bloomberg reports that most of Gowalla’s employees (including the founder) will stay and work for Facebook in the Palo Alto-office. They will all likely work on Facebook’s Timeline project.

So what does that mean when the corporate development director of Facebook has already gone on record stating that the company will make twenty (20) acquisitions in 2011, doubling the prior year’s tally? To us, it means that they need –and desperately want — new talent. And soon they will have publicly traded stock to attract and retain that talent, because they need new ideas, new features, added revenue streams, and other monetization plans — and they might be able to do this by purchasing a number of small, interesting companies. What do you think?

Is the the main strategy for Facebook going forward AFTER the IPO?

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