Recent Posts related to the near and long-term outlook of Facebook, as a company, a stock, and investment:

If you’re planning on an investment in social media giant Facebook (ticker symbol: FB), you have to consider the long-term possibilities of the company, the industry, the sector. Will social media continue to place such a central role in the daily lives of millions worldwide? Can Facebook better monetize that traffic, and parse out new revenue streams as it analyzes the ‘big data’ demographics and online habits of its faithful users? Can Facebook keep valuable talent after the IPO makes many long-term employees overnight millionaires? Can Facebook develop a better overall mobile strategy? Will they acquire Yahoo, Netflix, Zynga, or some other key internet player and forever change the landscape of the web? Hmmmmmmm…

Thinking about the Facebook IPO: What are some of the Risks?

If You’re Considering Investing in the Facebook IPO…Look Again


2 Responses to Facebook Outlook

  1. Jamie says:

    Bookmarked, I really like your blog! :)

    • Gary says:

      The movie is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. The book was written in conjunction with the settlement meetings, and Eduardo was the main source that the writer was using to create the book. So the entire story (most of it at least) was told from the perspective of Eduardo, even though that’s not how the movie portrays it. Hence why the movie ends where it does. Because at that point Eduardo had signed a non-disclosure agreement and decided not to discuss Facebook with anyone anymore…

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