With the hottest IPO in years just two weeks away — welcome to our individual-investor-driven SHOULDIBUYFACEBOOKIPO.COM site, for investors considering buying Facebook stock. Before you invest, you should always do your own (extensive) research into the long-term viability of any stock, including Facebook (ticker symbol: FB) as an investment, and IPOs (initial public offerings of stock) in general. Here are some resources from Amazon to help you continue to develop your investing and trading knowledge, skills, and abilities. Remember to consult your own financial, tax, and other advisors before committing any risk capital to any investment, including Facebook stock.

Here are a number of books related to the history, growth, marketing, and businesses uses and applications of Facebook and social media and IPOs in general. Social networks are obviously here to stay… the question is how will their mobile business platform, ad revenues, and social enterprise develop?

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